The identification and management of Aboriginal heritage is fundamental to Fortescue's approach to operating sustainably and our ongoing commitment to protect and promote Aboriginal history and culture.


Quote Card - Managing Aboriginal Heritage

Our Commitment

Our commitment to protecting Aboriginal heritage is enshrined in our values and measured against four pillars:

  1. Meaningful consultation with Aboriginal people and their representatives
  2. Implementation of effective business systems and processes
  3. Contributions to research and the management of Aboriginal estates 
  4. Ongoing education and engagement with Fortescue’s workforce

Fortescue considers these pillars critical to our focus of ensuring compliance with legislation and agreements, fostering and protecting stakeholder relationships and allowing Fortescue to understand and sustainably manage the Aboriginal cultural landscape. 

Quote Card - Managing Aboriginal Heritage

Native Title Partners


Cross Cultural Awareness Training


team members undertook the program during FY18

Fortescue consults closely with our Native Title Partners (NTPs) and State and Federal Government to responsibly manage Aboriginal heritage, ensure the protection of Aboriginal culture and heritage sites and comply with all applicable legislation.

We continue to build on its strong, long-standing relationships with Native Title Partners (NTP) across the Pilbara. We have Land Access Agreements (LAAs) in place with seven Native Title groups in the Pilbara region:

  • Kariyarra 
  • Palyku 
  • Nyiyaparli  
  • Martu Idja Banjima  
  • Eastern Guruma 
  • Puuti Kunti Kuruma Pinikura 
  • Njamal 

In 2018, Fortescue completed the process of converting our three earliest LAAs with the Kariyarra, Palyku and Nyiyaparli Native Title claim groups into Indigenous Land Use Agreements, offering these groups the opportunity to work more closely with us to deliver greater opportunities to their communities.