Our Commitment

As a business which strives to create value for our shareholders and communities, Fortescue is committed to playing our part and contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.


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Climate change is one of the most challenging and complex issues facing the planet. 

Developing solutions to the issues that arise will require a long-term, sustainable, collaborative approach where Governments, businesses and communities work together.

Fortescue accepts the scientific consensus as assessed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and supports the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global temperature rise to less than two-degree celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Our climate change strategy focusses on mitigating the risks and building the resilience of the business and, where possible, creating and leveraging opportunities. 

We will continue to work proactively with its peers and governments to ensure policy frameworks are suitably designed to deliver positive climate change outcomes while also supporting economic growth.

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Climate Change Strategy

Fortescue recognises our responsibility to support global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to manage the risks and impacts associated with climate change. 

Our climate change strategy is based on four key elements to ensure we manage our economic growth in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Building resilience

To protect assets and operations from the physical risks of climate change, including the predicted increasing intensity of extreme weather events in the Pilbara, we factor identified risks into project designs and annual business forecasts.

We also work with the communities in which we operate, our peers and government to ensure that these communities understand and are prepared for the potential impacts of climate change.

Reducing Emissions

To manage risks associated with emissions mitigation policy frameworks, Fortescue is committed to reduce the emissions intensity of our operations. To support and encourage this, we have:

  • Developed an energy strategy
  • Applied a price on carbon for new greenfields sites
  • Set short-term emissions intensity targets
  • Continue to investigate opportunities to reduce emissions in everyday operations

Maximising Opportunities

Fortescue continues to actively assess opportunities to diversity and grow its portfolio as the world transitions to a net-zero emissions global economy.

This includes increasing exposure to base metals where demand is expected to increase.

Customer Engagement

Fortescue will continue to work with our customers to ensure our products meet their requirements.

As emission reduction frameworks evolve, we will work to ensure the environmental performance of our products exceeds of equals that of other iron ore products and will look at opportunities to engage with new customers, as these frameworks drive market changes.