Contributing to local communities

Fortescue is guided by the philosophy of being welcomed by the communities that host our business activities. We work towards this goal through effective engagement with stakeholders, respect for cultural heritage and diversity, creating economic opportunities, investment in community projects and programs and fostering a strong residential workforce.


Building Communities (1000x438)

Community Investment

Fortescue’s vision for the Pilbara includes building towns into vibrant and sustainable communities. 

We recognise our success and social licence to operate relies on proactive and transparent engagement with communities and stakeholders and seek to empower communities through the application of social, environment, infrastructure, people-focussed programs and investment.

Collaboration with key stakeholders to form strategic partnerships is a key aspect of our approach to deliver meaningful outcomes and generate significant value to the community. 

With more than 500 employees based in the Pilbara, Fortescue supports a regional fly-in fly-out workforce for Port Hedland and Karratha.

Based in South Hedland, our Community Office is the heart of Fortescue’s engagement with the community, as the team interacts withour employees, their families and the general community. 

Fortescue Community Support

Fortescue’s biannual small community grant program supports a range of community initiatives that focus on education and training, Aboriginal engagement, health and wellness, community safety, community involvement, economic development and environmental responsibility.

In FY18, we awarded more than $150,000 to 75 community, sporting and non-profit organisations in the Pilbara, delivering a range of beneficial programs, activities and outcomes to the local community.

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Community Partnerships

With the majority of our Pilbara-based employees in Port and South Hedland, we provide support for community facilities and events delivered by the Town of Port Hedland, including the popular North West Festival.

In 2015, Fortescue entered a five-year partnership agreement to provide $2.5 million in funding to support the Wanangkura Stadium.

Our long-term partnership with the South Hedland Swans Australian Rules Football Club continues and at a national level, we are a major sponsor of the Australian hockey teams – the Kookaburras and the Hockeyroos.

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Fortescue Community Support

A$ 1.8 m

in small grants and in-kind assistance since 2012


Total contestable procurement spend in Australia

98 %

67% within Western Australia

Local Procurement

Fortescue is committed to supporting local content as part of our procurement process. 

Thriving small businesses are fundamental to the economic prosperity of communities and we continue to place a strong emphasis on engaging with small business suppliers to establish and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships. 

In FY18, we spent over 98 per cent of our total contestable procurement spend within Australia, 67 per cent within Western Australia and six per cent directly in the Pilbara. 

Our approach to local employment and a residential workforce helps to maintain procurement levels within local communities. 


The Big Issue empowers vendors by creating opportunities to earn a meaningful income and to reconnect with the community.