Fortescue leaders hit the streets for The Big Issue

Feb 9, 2018

180209 The Big Issue
Fortescue Metals Group (Fortescue) Chief Executive Officer Elect Elizabeth Gaines and Deputy Chief Executive Officer Elect Julie Shuttleworth today joined business and government leaders across Australia selling copies of The Big Issue.

The annual CEO Selling campaign is part of The Big Issue’s International Vendor Week, which shines a spotlight on thousands of homeless and disadvantaged street paper vendors who are working hard to change their lives. 

Ms Gaines and Ms Shuttleworth joined vendors Mick and Caroline on St Georges Terrace this morning, where they experienced first-hand the challenges faced by vendors every day as they sell the magazine.  

“Empowerment is a key aspect of Fortescue’s culture and fundamental to our approach of contributing to stronger and more vibrant communities by providing employment and business development opportunities,” Ms Gaines said. 

“Similarly, The Big Issue empowers vendors by creating opportunities to earn a meaningful income and to reconnect with the community. It was an honour to work alongside Mick and Caroline this morning, which has allowed me to understand the challenges they face every day while on their journey to improving their lives.”

Ms Shuttleworth said she admired the street vendors for taking the initiative to make a positive change in their lives. 

“It was a privilege to join Mick and Caroline this morning to support them in their sales efforts, learn about their personal journeys and develop an appreciation for the work they do,” she said. 

The Big Issue was launched in Australia in 1996 and to date 6,500 vendors have sold more than 11 million copies of the magazine, earning over $26 million. 

Vendors buy copies of the fortnightly magazine for $3.50 and sell them for $7, keeping the difference and earning a meaningful income.