A passionate attitude and strong cultural identity drives Fortescue’s CEO for a Day

Jul 27, 2017

A strong sense of accountability, determination and a positive attitude are qualities which made Raymond Carriage stand out when it came to selecting Fortescue Metals Group’s (Fortescue) ninth CEO for a Day.

Ray Carriage is a Yuin man from the South Coast of New South Wales (NSW) who started with Fortescue in 2011 as an Ore Processing Facility (OPF) Fixed Plant Operator at Cloudbreak. Six years on, Ray is now a valued Training Supervisor at Fortescue’s Solomon mine site, responsible for the operational and training development needs of the Solomon team.

Ray believes the key to his success is a persistent, proactive and passionate attitude and a strong cultural identity.

“This has given me the confidence to get through life’s challenges and embrace the opportunities Fortescue has offered,” he said. 

With a strong sense of responsibility to inspire and engage his colleagues and Aboriginal people, Ray has recently been involved with Fortescue’s Trade Up, which supports Fortescue’s Aboriginal employees on a pathway to an apprenticeship.

“Ray lives and breathes Fortescue’s values of determination, enthusiasm and empowerment and it is through his commitment to supporting his team, particularly his Aboriginal teammates that the Fortescue value of family shines through,” Nev Power, CEO said.

“Our CEO for a Day initiative is all about supporting the next generation of Aboriginal leaders like Ray. These initiatives offer immense value to Fortescue, as well as to the wider community.”

Inspired by GenerationOne’s CEO for a Day competition, Fortescue’s CEO for a Day program sees CEO, Nev Power host an aspiring Aboriginal leader at each quarterly results release.

Participants are given the opportunity to work closely with Nev Power and the executive team to experience how the business operates at the highest level.

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