Fortescue and LIVIN believe ‘It Ain’t Weak To Speak’

Oct 11, 2016

Fortescue Metals Group (Fortescue) has partnered with LIVIN to host a series of Mental Health Awareness workshops during Mental Health Week. LIVIN Ambassador and Western Force Captain Matthew Hodgson and LIVIN co-founder Sam Webb will travel to Fortescue’s mine sites in the Pilbara spreading the message ‘It Ain’t Weak to Speak’. 

“Safety is our highest priority and that includes the emotional wellbeing of our people,” Fortescue’s Chief Executive Officer, Nev Power, said. 

“Mental health is an important public issue which has broad and significant impacts for the community. It is vital that everyone is engaged, aware and alert to any signs that may indicate mental health concerns for those around them and that individuals feel supported to speak up and ask for help,” Mr Power said. 

“LIVIN has an important message to share and we welcome Matt, Sam and the team to our sites,” Mr Power said. 

Mr Hodgson said we need to break the stigma around mental challenges, and to make sure people feel safe talking about how they are feeling. “It definitely ain’t weak to speak, but it is just as strong to listen,” Mr Hodgson said. 

“It can be scary asking for help, but doing so can create positive change for you and for those who may be suffering in silence around you,” Mr Webb said. 

Fortescue has a range of support services available for team members including access to the Employee Assistance Program and Fortescue’s Chaplaincy, a dedicated pastoral care service available to every Fortescue team member. 

LIVIN is a registered charity, non-profit organisation. The core of LIVIN’s mission is the mantra ‘It Ain’t Weak to Speak’, to encourage and inspire people to speak up and seek help.

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